[SOLVED MENTALLY] MakeHuman nightlies of the past two days fail to install!

Since this is computer graphics related topic I didn’t see fit to post this in the Off-Topic Chat forum, and saw this as the fittest for my topic. Feel free to relocate it if needed.

First a “small” paragraph concerning my irritation. I signed up yesterday at makehuman.org beacause I couldn’t get the nightly of the MakeHuman software to install. It fails upon extracting a certain file, I have re-downloaded with different dl managers, browser or dedicated, and still the same problem.
I “created” a thread regarding this issue in appropriate forum, and upon submission I was told (by the script) that a moderator/admin needs to approve my post and only then will it appear. But since then I’ve seen a few admins and moderators that have been online and at least one (admin) has also posted (a day after, and in another thread), while my “thread” has been ignored.

So to my question. Any pointers on how to install the broken nightly ? I must say this is the first time I try to try (no typo, you read correctly ;)) those nightlies.
And why oh why do they insist on a single installer ? I always download blender as an archive.

Sorry for this otherwise “mis-placed” thread, but since they ignore approving my post I saw no other place to post but here.


I went to the aforementioned site, and obviously there isn’t a sign or trace of my “started” topic. I tried to send PM to admins/mods/zombies to empty my prison cell (“account”) but I couldn’t do that either, because apparently I need to “participate more” which I most certainly would if I only were allowed to do so. Anyway, I’ve had it with everything broken makehuman, so case closed, and thanks for reading :slight_smile: