SOLVED-Missing Data in Texture Paint

Has anyone seen this message when you enter Texture paint mode?
Version 272b OSX 10.8 (272 works fine)

Never Mind - figured it out new work flow

oh yeah dont tell the others what it was, I got the same issue, thanks

I haven’t found a solution, but if you open the toolset in the UV editor instead of in the 3d viewport, it works just fine.
Hearing what caused it or how to fix it would be great, but that’s all I can add…


Missing Data = You don’t have a UV map = unwrapped mesh…!
Texturepaint use a uv map to paint on.

Read the message in the image (first post ) It say all You need to know for that problem…)
You can just click the add simple UV’s to Unwrap Your mesh.

Hope this make sense…Puff Puff