[solved] Missing DupliFrame problem, help

hi all
/ my first post here, so big HI to all of you /

I try to distribute lights (suns) along curve and target all lights to Empty object.

I was able to achieve that that way:

  1. create Curve (Path) with first point in 0,0,0
  2. create Sun, clear location and rotation
  3. parent Sun to path using ‘Follow Path’ (not ‘Follow Path’ constrain)
  4. create Empty and constrain Sun to that Empty (Track To), along -Z, up Y
  5. in Sun object panel change Instancing to Frame and disable Speed

It was it. I was able to move Empty and all Suns pointed to that Empty. I was able to change amount of Suns by changing amount of frames.

Since february, when Frame instancing was removed from 2.8 I’m stucked. I get it, that functions is some kind wired. I found it here:

https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg105242.html

All combination with Array and Curve modifiers generates parallel rays when I try to point them all to one target point. I tried with distributing Collections containing Sun, using Face and Verts instancing but same problems.

Can I make it using other way? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance…

I think i found solution. Maybe it will be useful for someone.
I used array, path, particles and fields. It’s like attractor for all kind instacies (lights, emties or mesh objects) generated from arrays and meshes (verts or fasces)

My recipe is as follow:

  1. Create triangle face with vertex 0 in origin point
  2. Add array modifier, count 10 (for example)

  3. Add Curve modifier, using some path
  4. Create Sun. Add particles to triangles, emission from verts, number equal array count, use modifier stack and disable random, render object (Sun), - all particles/Suns will be emited from first verticies of triangles
  5. Add force field to particles, charge them positive 100
  6. Add Empty object (target) and charge negative 100
  7. That is it. Array with light sources tracked independly to Empty.
  8. Possible aplication

I hope there is simpler way and I wish I know that way :wink: