SOLVED! - Motherboard/CPU Question


I have been trying to revive an old pc I have had lying around in my room for a while and I finnally got it to work. I then tryed overclocking it’s cpu and aparently overclocked to far. The next time I booted after changing the clock speed in the bios the pc started up as usual all the fans turned on and everything but the monitor stayed black. I’m guessing I fryed the cpu but I’m not sure if I should buy a new one because I think the mobo might be bad too. So heres my question: would the fans plugged into the mobo still work on boot if the motherboard was dead? Would they still work if the cpu was dead? Thanks for your help!

-The Dawisch


That definitely sounds bad. The last thing that I’d try before giving up hope is to reset the bios by clearing the CMOS. What chip/mb is it?

I already cleared the CMOS by removing the button cell batery on the mobo for 30 sec and then replacing it and still nothing. The cpu is the AMD Duron ( 1.4GHz ) I’m not sure what the exact model is but I know it’s 1.4GHz. Is there anyway that you know of to check if the mobo is bad or to check if the cpu is bad? I’m not sure if it’s worth replacing the cpu if the mobo is fryed too…

It would seem strange that a cooling system upgrade would cause something like that. If condensation occured maybe.

Problem solved! I borrowed a socket A cpu from my friend, plugged it in and the pc worked fine! So the problem was only in the cpu. Now I just need to buy a new one on ebay. Thanx for your help!