[SOLVED] Move more than one object

Please please please tell me that there’s an easy way to move more than one object at the same time than by grouping, linking, constraining or parenting! It’s unconceivable that a 3D software would not allow you to just pick a bunch of objects and simply move them all together. I couldn’t find how.

EDIT: I was trying to move both an armature and an object but even if I selected the armature in the outliner, I couldn’t move it as its viewport visibility was turned off. Not sure if that should work that way though.

Treat yourself to the basics on the blender youtube channel, you’ll learn how to select, transform, etc.

You just listed all possible methods for moving multiple objects, except just selecting multiple objects and then moving.

Yeah but when I do select more than one object and move them, only one moves. That’s my problem. But I just tried on another computer and it works as expected so there’s something funky going on in my scene.

Ok, I found the problem but not how to fix it. I’m trying to move a prop and a character at the same time. Only the prop moves. For some reason, the character’s armature doesn’t show a manipulator to move it around. I can manually change the transform info but I can’t transform it with manipulators.

Ok, found it. The armature was invisible, therefore couldn’t be moved. Blender junior mistake. Sorry for waisting your time.