(solved) Need help extruding curve along x axis

Hi, I am creating a winding road and thought I could do it easily using curves. So from top view I began plotting points and winding the road. So from top view I have the curves laid out, but when extruding the curve (in the geometry section) it is extruding along the z axis… I want it to extude along the X axis. I tried going into the object area and messing with transform locks, but that didnt work for me. Please see attached photos for what I’m trying to do… the grease pencil shows what I really would like to have happen when extuding the curve

Hopefully this will be an easy one for someone to answer, I’m on kind of a deadline on this project. Thanks in advance

Instead of extrude you can add a bevel object (in the attached case a straight curve object. This you add to the Bevel Object box in the road curve

If you want to use extrude, tilt the curve points 90 degrees (object on the right). Select them all and press Ctrl+T followed by 90


road.blend (84.8 KB)

Thanks Richard, for some reason the blend file you attached gave me an error message. But I will try your suggestions… thanks, Carl

OK, I got it now, tried it both ways. Not sure if there would be a better reason to use one method over the other, but they both did what I was trying to accomplish. When trying the tilt method I had to set the curve to 3d rather than 2d. Thanks for taking the time to show me Richard.

can somone explain how this grease pencil was added to one object only ?

how can this be done ?

i tought this was per layer only !

but seems that when you select the bevel object it also can turns on the grease pencil layer ?


Yeah, thank you very much Richard! I don’t understand very well how the thing with the bevel object works, but it seems to give the same result as if I extrude the curve and then use Ctrl + R and the mouse wheel.@Richard_Marklew

Thank you very much Richard!

I didn’t understand very well the way of using this bevel object, but it seems to give the same result as if I extrude the curve and then subdivide with Ctrl + r and the mouse wheel.