[Solved] - Need help with my face model

The face is not complete yet.

I’m having this wierd black shade looking issue when adding subsurf and smooth shading. Anyone know how to fix this? I try moving the vertices on each face, but it didn’t change much.

Left picture - Just added subsurf lvl 2

Right picture - same as Left picture, but I highlighted to show the wierd texture appearance.

Bottom Left picture - subsurfed lvl 2, added smooth shading




Select all faces.
In Edit mode, perform…

  • Mesh >> vertices >> remove doubles
  • Mesh >> Normals >> Recalculate outside

I managed to remove some doubles. I don’t get Mesh >> Normals >> Recalculate outside part.

Both of the instructions were from the Mesh menu.

WOW it works! You’re awesome Lancer!!!