Solved NLA Question

I have been using the NLA for awhile. Great job in working out the layers. The NLA is a great way to animate. I did have one question.

How can you mute or disable all NLA tracks at once?

I want to animate an action without the animation of any other NLA track over the same timelines. However I want to keep all my existing tracks. I just want to mute them all. I know I can do it one at a time with the speaker icon, but is there a way to mute them all at once in one fell swoop?:no:

Click on a speaker icon (top or bottom one), then without releasing the mouse button slide down/up along the other icons.

You can also only view one action strip and mute all others by clicking on its star icon.

Well thanks everyone for looking. I guess I’ll try to just write a script to turn of ones that are on and then restore them back. If I don’t have a lot I can or course do it manually. But when you are animating in numerous layers with multiple characters it gets tedious. I’ll just mark it solved and when I have time try to code up some python.

If you’re animating a new action, and don’t want to see any of the existing tracks:
Use the speaker icon on the blue channels. Those are there to mute all the NLA tracks for that particular datablock (i.e. blue channels = datablock).

Use the star on the track in question to make it so that only that track’s actions get evaluated (“solo”)

Thanks. I kind of got carried away on the tracks and had about 50 or so was why I was asking. Great job on the NLA. If you ever get involved in the python, I can toggle the mute with code, I just didn’t find the speaker toggle for the track in the interface. I ended up baking a bunch of tracks together to cut it down. Again, thanks for all your work in this feature. It’s great!!!