[SOLVED] Object clipped as soon as it touches the edge of the screen

Hello !

This is not a camera clipping issue, because all other objects and the background behind them
are rendered properly.

As long as the object touches the edge of the screen, it disappears.
It is as if it has a property like “do not render the object at all when part of it is outside the screen”.

Does this ring any bells ?

Is it animated (armature?). If so, how far away is it from it’s original position?

is it scaled with it’s origin off center…with the scale not applied?

does it clip on both the left and the right side of the camera frustum?

Try adding a couple of vertices to the mesh (no need for them to form a face, we don’t want them to be visible) and moving them a reasonable distance away from the actual mesh, that will enlarge the bounding box. AFAIK that should do the trick.

this works, i do it all the time. but i connect the dots with lines to form a visual box, that way i can see where they are easier.

Yes it is armature related and the object has been scaled tool. It is the head of the character, a helmet.
The center is the center of mass and when the head disappears, the center of mass is inside the camera.

Thanks I will solve it now!

Indeed, it worked.

Hey, you are the same guy who came up with the answer about the different windows showing different layers.
You are very helpful, thanks!