[Solved] Overlapping smoke domains - one doesn't render

So I have a scene where two separate smoke domains are being used, one partially inside the other (i.e. the two domain cubes are overlapping). I’ve baked the smoke independently for each domain and all looks well in the 3D view. However, when I render only one of the domains/smoke shows up. This only happens when the domains are overlapping each other - when they are not in contact everything works fine (but they need to be touching for this scene).

Using a single domain isn’t an option and neither is rendering out the two domains separately then combining it back together (as the emitter particles and smoke from one go through the smoke of the other)

So is this a limitation of Blender, a bug, or something I’m doing wrong?
(added screenshot in next post)

A screenshot to help explain what’s happening:

Bumping this up. Need help urgently with this.

I had similar problem, never solved this… If you dont need the smokes to mix or rotate camera around them, you should try to put each domain into different layer and combine them using nodes. It’s really stupid, but better then nothing.

Good to know it’s not just me.
I was afraid that compositing it back together afterwards might be the only way. I’ll wait to see if anyone else has a solution. :slight_smile:

This definitely sounds like a bug, I would report it.

Okay, doing now… (thanks for the quick reply!)
[edit] bug report here

For anyone wondering, the way to get it to work is to use a single volume object with multiple textures for the various smoke voxel data.

From the bug report: