[SOLVED] overlapping sounds crash blender 2.54

I have made a small prototype that works on similar basis to o2jam

what i have done is by using logic bricks, I created an empty and assigned sounds to keys like so:

Key : Sound to play

S: drum01
D: drum02
F: drum03

Spacebar: Bass Drum

J: Cimbals01
K: Cimbals02
L: Cimbals03

the play type on the sound actuators is set to : “Play End”, no 3d, volume 1 and pitch 0 as well.

When I play the game it works fine for as long as i press a key, wait for the sound to end, then press another key. On the other hand, when i press two keys right after each other so that the sounds overlap, blender works for few more nano-seconds and crashes :smiley:

Anyone been through da’ same situation and managed to solve it?

EDIT: Changing the audio engine to SDL solves the issue, seems to be a bug within the openAL.

Hi, how did you change the audio engine ? Need to recompile blender with different options ?

Edit : found it in “user preferences”