[SOLVED]Persistent object in scene - cannot delete a empty

Hello, this may be my first post, although im a blenderartists user for several years. The problem i have now is really strange, I have a camera setup with some empties and drivers (a camera rig, basically) grouped, that I used to append in most of my blends, so i decided to substitute the camera in the startup file with it, this way it would be there every time I open blender, so far so good, the problem is now i want to delete this camera rig, which i did, but one empty is persistent, it was deleted but his datablock remained, theres nothing in the outliner, but if you try to append from this file, the empty is still there. I need to get rid of it, and i dont want to reset to factory defaults, because everythng else its already customized. I think this can be done in python but im a newbie in coding.

[update] the last blender update fixed it