[Solved] Problems : "No module named Blender" and How to unlink objects

Hi everybody,

Well, I’ve got some problems with my blender project.

First of all, I use a python script that start with “import Blender” and when I save my game as runtime, the game doesn’t work, the console says “No module named Blender”. So I would like to know if there are anything to do to fix it.

And my second problem, is that I don’t know how to use the Unlink Method. My goal is to delete a lot of object in a scene, it’s a way of restarting the scene

thanks for all :slight_smile:

Thereris nothing to fix. The BGE does NOT contain module Blender. You can access it when running the BGE from Blender itself. But all changes you might trigger will be active after the BGE finished.

For BGE use the Game Engine API.

Thanks a lot Monster, I’ve almost finished my game now :slight_smile: