[solved][question] get when a key is released (in python with gamekeys)

well, i really hate to start stupid topics, but i’m in a hurry i have a control setup made with a keyboard sensor (with “all keys” and both pulse modes enabled) but i can only get key events 1 and 2 (justactivated and active) i need to get the “justreleased” (3) one to trigger a move when you release certain key.

import GameLogic 
import GameKeys  
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController() 
own = cont.getOwner() 
keyboard = cont.getSensor("keyboard") 

keylist = keyboard.getCurrentlyPressedKeys() 
if keylist != None: 
    for key in keylist: 
        if key[1] == KX_ACTIVE:
             <a lot of ifs for some keys>
        if key[1] == KX_JUSTACTIVATED:
             <a lot of ifs for some other keys>
        if key[1] == KX_JUSTRELEASED:
             <this just never runs>

i think i’m calling the wrong function… who knows

edit: i got it, getCurrentlyPressedKeys() only returns the keys that are or were pressed, getPressedKeys() gets all the keys that were released too, but not the active ones, so i just have to do two checks XD sorry for wasting your time