[SOLVED] Removing compound children doesn't update collision bounds?

I have a spaceship which has a shield object as a child.
Compound is ticked on for the ship object.

When the shield object is ended, the physics bound of the shield object still remain.
Is there a way to update it so that also the bounding box would update?

Remove the parent on the child when you are removing it from the scene, then the bounding box will be updated.

Edit: Note this only works if you parent in game. The Compound mesh will not be updated with Outliner children. I reported this to the tracker: T40427 Compound mesh not updating with Outliner children.


When starting the game I add a shield object to the game and parent it to the spaceship, then I remove the shield object if it’s not active. When I do that, the bounding box wont update. Obviously I can’t really remove the ship though :slight_smile:

trigger-------------and-------------set parent none
__________________--------------Property “next”=true

if next=true-------------and---------end object

Follow the link I gave. There’s a blend file you can download. Read the instructions. You probably have ‘Compound’ enabled on the child, which shouldn’t be. Anyway, the blend I uploaded there proves this configuration works. Try to mimic it.

Aa this was my mistake. I read you wrong the first time.

So the procedure goes like this:

  1. remove parenting ( i.e. obj.removeParent() )
  2. then remove child object from the scene.

Thank you very much to clear this up!