[SOLVED] Removing faces plus inner edges/verts


What I would like to do is remove some faces together with all edges and verts that are totally surrounded by selected faces…


Would become:

after deleting faces.

At the moment this can be done by selecting all the inner verts and deleting them, but I would find it more natural to have an option in the delete menu for this special case.

Is there any addon out there that does this ?
Im asking cause if not, Ill write one myself!

Can you show what you want before and after. The images you show seem to be just the current normal behaviour when deleting faces.
I read your first sentence as you wanting to delete all the faces in your top image by only selecting those 4 centre faces

Write one, you can use shift g after selecting the center vert,(amount of adjacent faces,equal) then delete faces.

I had a bit of an epiphany! I’d never used non-manifold for this purpose before but it works nicely!

First, while in Vertex mode:
Click Select > Non Manifold.

This selects the edge.

Now Invert the selection:

Last, switch back to Faces mode, and delete your interior faces!

Pretty cool! Especially if you just want the edge faces of a non-square geometry.

@ original poster
Technically to do this you would only have to select the center vert in your example, or select the polys you did and hit either delete or X, and choose ‘faces’.