solved: save image file inside a .blend file

Hi folks,
because of the fact that I am totally new to blender I sometimes ask stupid questions.

Not long ago, I downloaded a .blend file from a server and added some textures on the 3d object. Now I saved the .blend file again and uploaded it for others. After I deleted the texture files on my hard disc i noticed, that these textures aren’t available anymore in blender. I thought these image files would be saved seperatly somewhere in the .blend file. But seams as they weren’t. I could restore the deleted files and that made them visible in blender again. Is it possible to save these image files, I used as texture, inside the .blend file or do I need to transmit the textures seperatly with the .blend file to others?


File > Pack data

That should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Do you want this?:

now that was easy!

thanks a lot