[SOLVED] Short issue with the bark of a tree

Hey guys, i’m new here and i’m also a kind of a beginner in blender !
(I’m french, sorry if i’m not understable i do my best !)

So, since some days i try to modeling some feature and today i just made a tree from a internet tutorial but the things is that my leaves are good (image below) but my bark is not. I upload an image and make the exactly same things as the tuts said but when i start the render it’s not the result than i can see on the photo :frowning:

This is my bark :

as u can see the bark is just brown and i can’t have the textures i want:
This is my node of the bark :

If u want some other photos i can provide u some.

Sorry again for my poor english :smiley:


Is tree trunk unwrapped?

from a internet tutorial

  • could you type (so that it is a text, not a link; due to just one post there might be limitations) a link for the tut?

The tree is not unwrapped, should i ?

and if u mark “How to make a tree in blender 2.72 easy !” u’ll gonna found the video. Thx for ur fast answer btw !

The default texture mapping coordinates are UVs. If the object is not uv unwrapped you will therefore have to either unwrap it or use a Texture Coordinate node to select one of the other texture coordinates systems. A texture can be applied to an object in an infinite number of ways, you have to tell blender how you want that texture applied

Oww ok i think i understand, i gonna eat, unwrap

i created a texture coordinate node in object (not sure if it’s the best way … ) and it’s work ! Pretty well i have to say ! :smiley:
I couln’t unwraped because i used an add-on so it didn’t worked but with the node it worked and it’s what i want. Now i gonna learn how to make a realistic grass and combinate the tree with the grass and maybe create a new thread to show u my progress ! :smiley:

Thx a lot dude, and good job !