SOLVED Show different layers in different 3D view windows ?


What happens currently is that when you switch layer, all 3D View windows switch to that layer.

This is sometimes annoying when you edit an object in a layer and have to switch back to the game
to press P and test the changes. Then go back to the object, then back to the game, etc.

Could it be that one window shows a layer and the other window shows another layer ?

Thanks !

Already a feature. Look for the little button that’s next to the layers:

OMG! I have been using blender since 2.27 and I never ever knew that…you just saved me about a month of work. I am constantly switching between layers(and scenes…no way around that one though)…

GREAT SHARE! thanks.

LOL same here, I have been frantically switching between layers since November ha ha

Thanks mate, very useful

dud this is sick , thats new to me

It was there - all these years, right in front of our eyes :eek:
Thanks for sharing the tip!

I never needed that, but it is good to know. Learned something today :smiley:

Here I am, a BGE user of almost seven years, and I’m STILL learning about little buttons like this. :smiley: