[SOLVED] Sort by name, date modified, size etc

When you browse for files, you can click on the name or date modified to sort them. In my prefs, there’s something that breaks this function and I can’t figure out what it is. Any idea on what to look for?

is that option selected in your save&load settings under file browser?

by settings I mean preferences

Which option would that be?

This could be the problem

Also this is the settings are that can change after update (At least for me)

Didn’t work for me. I use Blender on both Mac and Linux and I get the same problem (same prefs!).

And you dont have the dropdown like in the first image?

Nop… I have one on the side but not on top.

Hmmm what version of blender? Ill start up my linux machine to take a look cus im curious about it being a windows only feature

Any version of Blender gives me this problem but I know that it’s in my prefs because if I use the default ones it works. I would need to troubleshoot it by turning off add ons of find if a hotkey setting creates a conflict or something. I will start with the add ons.

So it was something corrupted in my hotkeys. I had to rebuild them all. Took forever but now it’s fine.