[SOLVED] Text showing @ ! HELP

I wanted to save my game as runtime, but when I start saved game the camera in all scenes are zoomed a bit. I know the lens will fix this but in my case It’s the same. Also I am sure I have to change something in my Game Framing Settings but don’t know what exactly. Please help me cause I want to show demo of my game very fast!

Is you`r timeline set to “0” frame

Yes it is.

When you play in the internal player, does the camera have ample space all around it? Having part of it obscured by the edges of the 3D view can shift the display in some weird ways. It may just be that you expect it to be different because you couldn’t see all of it in the internal player.

No It’s fullscreen. Well I can’t see top and the bottom fully. It’s to all games I save and I don’t know how to fix it.

It’s probably related to your game window’s resolution. When the size/shape of the window changes, its contents are shrunk in order to keep then from distorting. If you press the ‘0’ key on the numpad inside Blender, you will see through your camera. Pay attention to the black box that appears. Everything outside of it (dimmed, gray area) will not be visible in your final game. If you go to the ‘render’ tab in the properties panel, you can modify the screen resolution of the runtime game. I hope this helps.

Thanks to all, i’ve fixed it now it’s all good, BUT there is different type of problem with my text in game. In Blender is ok, but when I save it all text in my HUD is @ symbol!

Anyone here to help me?

I had this issue too,it’s a damn annoying bug .i haven’t managed to find a fix ,but magically …it’s been a while since it happened.
Try another font texture …