Solved!!!! Texture Paint Layers setup and the Manager

Ok, supposedly the Texture Paint Layer Manger gives out a standard 1024 x 1024 map.
I need a larger map for one. I tried painting color and bump at the same time, no luck.
Is it possible in the “T.P.L.M.” to paint color and bump at the same time?
Anyways no matter I would like to do this manually because I want a larger texture map.

So I tried this manually.
OK I can set my UV map to larger sizes 2048 for ex. and name it whatever…great!
I can set up a color texture channel and paint the texture for my model with my bump texture being applied at the same time…great!
So basically I’m just having trouble starting a new layer that separates the painting between the layers like in the layer manger.
If I add another texture and paint it will have the bump applying to it also because it stays on the same layer.

So I tried adding another new image thinking it will seperate the layer in the UV image editor or can be done in the texture panel.
It Separates but ends up changing the uv map image and now the other isn’t visible…
Is it because the layers show black and not real transparency in the viewport and there actually covering the other layer. IDK
Could use some help to get the layers going here.

So basically I found you need to set the uv’s to see through on the alpha image that is being painted on. Messed me up because sometimes the see through alpha is black for renders…
Set your layers though the add “new” in the uv image editor and coordinate with the texture panel in materials.
It Looks like you have to go back and forth to set the image painting channel through the image edtor in edit mode.
Very annoying!! but it works!!