SOLVED: Textures Problem

I am having a problem with the textures in 2.60 in Game. The texture looks like one thing, but the model has the same colors, but they aren’t gradually changing from color to color, but instead the transitions are harsh and splotchy looking. I’ll post a screenshot:

Also, the texture itself got messed up. Everything had nice smooth transitions from color to color, now it’s jumpy on the texture itself aswell.

Please Help!

The problem persists… I don’t know what to do. Anyone??

try another light source, for example a hemi-light, and see if it is a lighting issue.

If you look at your texture the color/ shading transition is not as smooth as you believe. I would try to up the resolution of the texture or if edited in GIMP(or anything else) try to up the DPI of the image from 72 to whatever works.

I checked the lighting and the problem is not from lights. Also, I deleted the teepee texture and added a new picture of a random object to the teepee that looked normal outside of blender. However, once I imported it to blender, it immediately messed the picture’s colors up, just like the teepee texture. By the way, outside of blender the teepee texture doesn’t have those jumpy transitions from shade to shade of color and brightness. Any ideas for reasons why this happens?

I’m no good at texturing, All I know how to do is model and do logic bricks… :confused: meh

Hmm… I restarted my computer and the problem vanished. Strange… Well, if the same problem ever happens to anyone else, try saving the file and restarting your computer. :smiley: