[SOLVED] tga file has too many faces

I’m working through Tony Mullen’s book Introducing Character Animation with Blender. I’m doing the eyelashes on Capt Blender as Tony suggests - copy a loop around the eye, extrude, split at both sides, UV map. When I UV unwrap (having selected only the verts in the eyelashes the eyelashes appear in the UV/Image editor. When I save this (Scripts->Save UV Face Layout) the resulting tga file has the entire head and the eyes! I think the eyelashes are in there somewhere but it’s a huge mess. I guess I could actually UV unwap the entire head including lashes and then move the lashes to some empty spot, but surely this shouldn’t be necessary. I’ve already done the rest of the head.

SOLVED: I found the toggle button All Faces in the Save UV Face Layout panel that is on by default and has to be toggled off to save only selected faces to the tga file.

Anyone?.. I’ve emailed Tony, perhaps he can help.

Problem solved. Toggle off the All Faces button in the Save UV Face Layout panel.