Solved (thank you!) - Animator, scenery modeler and concept artist for series of 10 youtube shorts

I am making a series of 10 shorts for youtube, 3-5 minutes each. They are stop motion style with a mix of clay characters and realistic miniature scenery.

Initial character design - DONE
Concept and style defined - DONE
Technical proof of concept - DONE
Proof of concept short story 100% completed - DONE

Update pipeline to use Blender 3 - TO DO
Update pipeline to use practical models and 3D scans - TO DO
Story board remaining shorts - TO DO
Concept art particular to individual stories - TO DO
Model additional characters particular to individual stories - TO DO
Model scenery particular to individual stories - TO DO
Animate remaining stories - TO DO
Render remaining stories - TO DO
Final edit remaining stories - TO DO

This is my personal project. I have personal funds to back it. I don’t have cash to burn but I’m willing to pay for good work. Life has taught me there’s rarely a perfect fit but there’s all kinds of possibility if I’m open minded. If there’s a possible fit lets talk!

There is not a hard completion deadline. I will assemble a team working remotely and determine what cadence works for all involved.

Sample video

This was created years ago on old software, zero budget and no fancy tools - but it gives you an idea where this is going.

If you have a skill to contribute please contact me! I’d love to talk :slight_smile:


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