(SOLVED) Timing or blending cloth simulations

Attached is a cloth simulation result and my blend for a character kicking a skirt. I would like to be able to blend the end of the animation to be like the beginning. Another words the skirt ends up in the same place as the start. How does one accomplish this? Also, how can you control how many frames it takes to have the cloth settle after a collision. I set the sim for 1/2 second + after the last movement, but it still doesn’t return to the start position. What controls this feature?

Rendered test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHGulDi3Pa0

Blend http://www.pasteall.org/blend/43035

Thanks to a little luck and a tip from a “OMG” lightwave user, I was able to work this animation out. Here is the tip. After baking, export the cache as a lightwave MDD file. Delete the cloth modifier. Add a Mesh Cache modifier. Pull the MDD cache back into the animation vie the mesh cache modifier. The modifier has an influence slider which can be used to blend the animaiton. I set the start and end for the animation via the slider. In this case I picked a point in the animation where the foot returned and set the influence slider to blend out after 1/2 second (or in my case 15 frames). Here is the result.