[Solved] UI for a book and screencapture

Hello to all,
I’m going to write a book about scientific visualisation and illustration. After a while searching for the “right” software I gave a try (again) to blender and I’m astonished ! I remeber using the first versions of Blender and in my opinion now (for my work) it surpass its commercial counterpart and as a scientist I love that it’s always “on the edge”. So I decided that my book would be software/agnostic and will show the main concepts in blender
I would like to include high res “screenshot” for the workflow, but after reading a lot of post and also talking with my editor I will go for the “mockup” route. So instead of taking screenshot (even with retina display that I don’t have) I will use mockup made in inkscape. I’ve found all the svg for the icons but still need help with the ui. Does it exist somewere a svg of the ui or is there a way to have the ui in a vector format or can I do something for that :slight_smile:
Also I would be very very interested to know how I can obtain “wireframe” renders like this

Edit:I’ve used tweaked openGL + wireframe to obtain the mock wireframe look. If anyone is interested I’m preparing SVG of blender mockup UI that I can share.