[SOLVED] UPBGE and python - how do I access the properties of logic bricks?

I’m using UPBGE not for a game, but to help with some massive crowd sims for a feature film I’m working on. I’ve managed a basic setup and it’s working well for test scenes, but when scaling up to actual production scenes I need to develop some automation.

The problem I’m having is with accessing the properties of logic bricks from python. Specifically, I need to be able to set the target object and navigation mesh on the steering actuator of a bunch of objects (like 500+).

The info window reports the data path for these properties as .(null), which is obviously not helpful.
Is there any way of finding the data path, or is this stuff just not accessible from python?

I got my answer. Here’s a code example in case someone else searches for this obscure problem:

import bpy

obj = bpy.data.objects['Cube']
act = obj.game.actuators['Steering']
act.target = {new target}
act.navmesh = {new navmesh}

The current way for use in BGE at runtime would be the following:

This code checks for all objects in the scene and checks if they have a Steering actuator on them.
If so, it sets the Steering actuator’s attributes: target & navmesh to their new values.

import bge

target = "new_target_name"
navmesh = "new_navmesh_name"

def main(self):
    for obj in self.owner.scene.objects:
        for act in obj.actuators:
            if act.__class__ == bge.types.SCA_SteeringActuator:
                act.target = {target}
                act.target = {navmesh}

Thanks mate, and hopefully your example will be useful to others.
In my case, this is for scene setup, rather than at runtime.

Ah… If not for runtime than my code probably won’t work unless at runtime.