*SOLVED* UV mapping crashes Blender 2.48!!

Im making my blending-life face, but when trying to add the UV-texture to my model, blender freeze and i have to restart my computer. Now, I have tried to format my C: drive and reinstall windows XP (it was filled up anyway) but this still happens.

Anybody experiencing this? Is it a bug, or is it my PC which is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

btw: I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT graphis card, and updated drivers!

It happens to me too. I learned that when I do this, save save save. Good thing is after blender crashes every so often, we can pick up when it will crash prior and save in advance!

Haha yearh, but now blender does the instance i add UV texture. (doh)

-Hopefully the Blender 2-48a will have a fix for the issue, But I really doubt it, as they properly havent seen this thread.

Lasphere, best report it in the bug tracker, so you can be sure the developers will see it.

I experience that same problem from earlier releases of Blender (2.44 or 2.45?). Check what version of Python your Blender is compiled with and check what version of Python is currently installed on your PC. That might help…not really sure though.

This report is really not at all useful, Adding a UV texture leading to a freeze sounds like a big but probably not in blender since people add UV textures all the time in blender its most likely your hardware/drivers/os.

“Haha yearh, but now blender does the instance i add UV texture. (doh)” - ?
Does what the instance you add a texture, crash?

Can you try use a binary with static OpenGL to see if its a GL Driver issue?
If you report, please include a simple blend too.

  • Cam

Well I have installed phyton 2.6, but blender runs 2.5.2. I dont think this is the reason tho.

I have submitted this issue to the bug tracker.

Yes its a big problem, and yes, it might be my hardware/drivers ect. but this has not happened before in the previous builds, so this must be a blender issue (…i think.?)

And yes, the instance i add UV-texture AND Unwrap the mesh blender crash. (sorry for not being specfic enough)

Im going to see if its a GL driver issue in a minute.

Hey guys! I found the cause of the problem.
Dopski was right, I was using the wrong version of phyton. I believe blenders phyton was upgraded to 2.5.2, and I had 2.6 installed. So by downgrading my phyton, this does not happen anymore.! :smiley: Yay!

Glad you has it solved mon!

This makes to sense to me since Unwrap dosnt use python, but glad its solved for you.