[solved] VSE API: .setIpo() on Sequence Strip objects, anyone??

How do I link an ipocurve/datablock to an effect strip?? I am tapping in darkness here. I try to link an ipocurve to an effect strip in the video sequence editor via API:

start = 500
track = 4
seq_data = (11, videobase, overlay)
effectstrip = seq.new(seq_data, start, track)

# create an ipocurve and link it to alphaover strip
effectipo = Ipo.New("Sequence","SeqIpo")
effectpo[Ipo.MA_R] = (5,.5)

The above works halfway: I end up with a datablock that has the correct ipocurve in it but I do not know how to link it to the effectstrip! All options, like

throw an “object has no attribute xyz” error. So I need the API equivalent of manually selecting the ipo datablock in the Datablock browser window at the bottom of IPO-Curve Editor. Anyone?

I can’t believe that nobody has a clue… While waiting for answers, I browsed around the sceneSequence code again: it has setIpo() getIpo() functions, but somehow I am unable to call it. As said, after creating a Sequence Strip with seq.new, the resulting object neither has the .ipo(), .setIpo() or getIpo() function/attribute. Too much of a python noob I guess…

Solved! Being indeed too much of a python noob, I tried to set the attribute’s value the wrong way! Instead of doing


one need to do this

stripnameobj.ipo = ipocurveobj

(lesson learned)