SOLVED: Weird orange lines


So I’m doing my first sketch in blender and the plan is to eventually print it out with a 3D-printer.

The problem is that I’m stuck in this really weird “view”-mode. Almost all the edges are orange and the vertices are smaller than usual (?) in some places.

It happened when I tried to copy/paste, so I probably pressed something in the “CMD+C/V”-area.

Whats going on here?

I’ve looked around on the internet but didn’t find anything helpful.


Maybe you had multiple objects selected when you entered edit mode. You can only edit one object at a time but the other ones would still be highlighted with selection highlight

If you have overlapping geometry, that can give shading artifacts and can make vertices appear smaller/hidden. The overlapping geometry might be in the same object/mesh, or overlapping geometry on another object like in the screenshot.

Ah, I think that solved it. Thank you!