//SOLVED// What is this technique called again? //SOLVED//

Sorry, but I’m having a total brain fart. This has been bugging me for hours. You know when you project a photo onto a 3d model and then have the ability to maneuver the camera around the photo (to a point) so that you’re effectively turning a 2d photo into a 3d model? You’d use the ‘sticky’ option in blender.

What is this technique called? I know there’s a name for it, but I can’t remember!:mad:

You almost had it. I think, it’s texture projection or projection painting

Billboard or something? Where the textured face tracks to the camera? Im still in GE mode haha.

I think that’s the term :slight_smile: Or I may not get what you mean, could be either.

What you’re looking for is called camera mapping :slight_smile:
(some people out there call it camera projection, which is the same technique)

yep, camera mapping…

also related term is photogrammetry which is “to derive geometric data from photographs”

Right, camera mapping! Thanks!