[Solved] When render stereoscopy, can I swap left and right in side-by-side mode?

Blender 2.83, all is default setting,
I render my animation with stereoscopy side-by-side mode.
I play it in my 3D TV, put on my 3D glasses, I saw chaos, 3D is not good.
But when I reverse my 3D glasses 180 degrees, it’s very good!

So I was puzzled, why my 3D glasses not match the 3D moive?
If I can swap the picuture left and right, then I can put on 3D glasses normally.
But I can’t find the setting of left and right in side-by-side mode.

How should I do?

See Output Properties --> Output --> Views --> Stereo Mode. Check the box “Cross-Eyed”. This should reverse the pictures.

It works!
Thank you very much!