[Solved] Where is the Database explorer gone ?


I’ve get the last Blender 2.53.1 and there is a windows which I cannot find any more and which was there with previous Blender 2.5 : the Database/RNA explorer. It was coming with the outliner view if my mind is right… do not see it anywhere anymore.

Some one ever get an eye on it ? Which menu or which key combination ? Or else it was removed ?

Have a nice day all

If you’re talking about the schematic Outliner, I think it’s gone… don’t know if it’s to be considered for future versions.

I do agree that Outliner is no more than a list of what you have in the blender file. Its function was limited. But without it, how can you see what you have in the Blender file?

The Outliner is essential. I meant the Schematic Outliner available in 2.4x via the menus in the header.

Oh ok. But Schematic Outliner does show how objects are related though. Regular Outliner doesn’t show that.

Is there a way to get it back with a plugin ?

The outliner is poor, it cannot replace the data browser.

If they decided to remove it, what was the rational behind it ?

– EDIT – I was not talking about the Oops Shematic, I was talking about what seems to be named the Datablocks View ; the tree view which show all data in the Blender file. By the way, yes, the Oops Shematic of Blender 2.4 seems gone as well.

Oops, I was silly, sorry. The datablock explorer is still there : open the outliner, and in the dropdown list, select Datablocks.

The Datablocks option doesn’t appear to be the same as the Schematic Outliner in 2.4x so maybe it’s not there anymore.