SOLVED: Where to get support for running new oneAPI

I have new laptop with the Arc370m graphics. I updated according to the requirements (101.3040 Win driver, and installed the Intel DCS driver as well).
My Blender still says it can’t find an Arc device.
Do I need to go to the developers site?
(Win 11-64 on Asus Zenbook Flip OLED with Arc A370m, running Blender 3.3.1)

SOLVED: I didn’t actually find a source of help but I did discover that the Intel Arc beta installers come in two flavors. I failed with the .zip installer but I tried the .exe installer and it came with an Arc Control center; the other did not!
Any, my Blender now works (although my whole laptop locked up after a few renders but this IS a beta).
About doubled my speed rendering with the CPU’s well (12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700H 2.30 GHz)
Looking forward to more stability!