SOLVED - Which scene does LibLoad load into ? (and which scene FROM LoadLib does it load ?)

please can you verify the following:

Suppose I start a level from scratch in file “level1.blend”

which will load the spawnables (enemies, projectiles, etc) from file “library.blend”"

I supppose the spawnables will go to the same layer they were in “library.blend”, right ?

But what about the scene ?

Suppose I call LibLoad from a scene called “Bananas” and the “library.blend” has only one
scene called “Apples” .

Will it work ?

What if “library.blend” has multiple scenes, which one will it load ?

Thanks in advance!

yes, yes

all scenes will be loaded as 1 scene into the .blend file.
So use multiple blends, like 1 per scene for example.

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upbge added recently a scene parameter to define a specific scene to libload.

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That’s so useful guys, thanks a lot!