Hello, dear Artists,
We search a Artist for a job 2D/3D here the specification for this job:

The artist or the group of Artist will be selectionned this Tuesday 05/19/2020

  1. Animation, for a introduction to a youtube Chanel or other video plateform.
  2. This work is actually for my group (personnal and non commercial).
  3. I need a person capable to made a short animation of 15 sec, in a short time, needed for under 1month
  4. 15 june 2020 (06/15/2020) will be the deadline for this job we need the animation 3 or 4 days before the deadline maximum to adjust some stuffs.

Script preview :

A hunter walk hidden in a forest , tracking the precious deer, and finally a fight happend between them, and the end would be the deer taking the weapon and aim, this suprised human, by this fact!<<<

  1. We’ve made the logo. we send the logo and the short script to the selectionned artist.
  2. Budget, are medium, but we need a animation like a cartoon semi real (not pixar, not fully PBR designed), better like simpson or equivalent.
    The price should be the most important for the decision to the Artist selection , but the portfolio ArtStation or another should be very good, send me your estimation “Quote” to my Mail : [email protected], we’ve have asked for this work fiew days ago, in different plateform, we’ll take the decision tuesday (in 3 days, 05/19/2020), only Quote sended by email should be read, best regards.


I can help.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: [email protected] so that we can discuss this further.


Hello Hayden,
As you can read into the post for the job, only the “Quote” sended by mail would be read and choosed, i’m not the unique person to selectionate the Artist for this project. Best regards.