I just installed 11.04 and am using compiz and cairo dock which eliminated the standard dock along with all the functions which used to be located at the top left of the desktop (log off, wireless conections etc). When my computer hibernated I was no longer connected to the internet, and cannot reconnect via wireless connections management even though SSID and WEP key are correct.
Synaptic cant connect to reinstall wireless drivers and also refuses to add CD even though I’ve tried to do this about 50 times. Barring a reinstall does anyone know how to fix this.
Thanx in advance,
Also, have you turned it off and on again?

Yes, multiple times. Wireless is still working fine on my windoze partition which is how I’m accessing the net now. I really just don’t want to spend another 1/2 day configuring linux only for this to happen again. I’m on my second install for that very reason.

Hmmm… well, a reinstall of the entire OS seems an extreme solution.
Personally, I’m still using “Ubuntu classic” (as in gnome 2.x), have cairo dock running, but have left the top dock (minus a few duplicates, like the ubuntu menu) with the applets still there. Works for me.
Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I suggest you post a question on the ubuntu forums.