Solving a 360 degree tripod track in blender

So I’m currently using the tracking module in the new Blender 2.62 and am trying to track a bit of video that is a 360 pan. After trying for several hours and looking everywhere online I finally decided to break down and ask for help. Does anyone know how to solve out a 2D track (i.e. a 360 pan) to the camera?

  1. record some paralax change before you mount the camera. Solve from that.
  2. Use a still frame and BLAM script to solve static shot with parralel lines. Use 2D tracking for rotation.

They should be able to in theory make it so it can track tripod shots using the distance from the sides and how that changes. As of now though I don’t think tripod shots are possible unless you do as said and have some movement in the camera allowing for perspective shift.