Solving a texture issue

Hi all,
the problem is very simple. Please look at my blender file with 2 cubes and 2 textures.
When exporting as COLLADA, one of the texture (female texture) has its sized reduced to 83ko (>300Ko initially) while the other texture is exported keeping its original size.
Someone suggested that it is because it has embedded color profil but I have tried to change it whitout success.

Enclosed: blender file (and zip with original textures, collada exported files, export settings that I use).
I can send the Photoshop file if necessary.
Texture test.blend (1.09 MB)
Cubes with textures for (1 MB)

Is this a paid job?

Likely a miss-post.

Looks like a support request. Moved from “Jobs > Paid Work” to “Support > Materials and Textures”

If this is indeed paid work, please edit the OP and clarify. Then PM me and I’ll move the thread back.