Solving for camera motion without 8 common points

Blender’s motion tracker requires at least 8 common points between keyframes to solve camera motion. I have footage in which the camera is moving continuously but it ends up pointing in a new direction so there aren’t any common points. Since the motion is continuous, it should in principle be possible to solve. Is there some workaround for the 8 common points restriction?

John Haiducek

Yes, I did a track once which only had 1 or 2 common tracks at the most. The trick is to select the portions of the footage where there are 8 or more common tracks, and then input the start and end frames of that portion into the tracker. There are input boxes for that in the ‘Solve’ menu in the movie clip editor toolshelf. By default the portion of footage the tracker uses are frames 1-30.

Thanks, JamesNZ. I tried doing that before I posted but the average error was quite high. I thought was on the wrong track (no pun intended), and that the old solution was getting thrown out every time I clicked solve, but if it worked for you then I probably just need to try different pairs of keyframes, or add more points (or maybe I just need better footage).