Some abstract art

i had a college assignment…
i had to make images on following topics–
chaos, confusion, anger, illusion, celebration and peace.

well…here is what i have managed so far:

Need your reviews for these…gonna work on the rest soon…

Chaos looks like a quilt :smiley:
Confusion looks a bit too uniform --> try some overlays or something that will really make it confusing :smiley: -
other than that, I think your project is coming along great!

The red as chaos is really. I think you have a good understanding of the use of colours that defy how we perceive many things. Look forward to your next update.

finally i found some time and updated “confusion” and also made one on “celebration”

and since the server on which i uploaded the images are down, i uploaded them again…
so here are these…
Confusion (@kbot: i changed this one completely)
Celebration (new)

i’m looking for feedback frnds…pls reply…

It’s difficult to give advice for nonrepresentational art, since you’re not trying to make it look like anything real.

about feedback…

well…if u feel that the colors and shapes used in the pic represent the title, my work is gud…else…i need to think about it…

u can add things into it if u want to…i think it’ll help texturing artists to some extent…