Some advice for a blender noob (re: arch viz)

Hey guys, I hope someone has patience to give me a bit of advice.
Normally I do a lot of architectural and land visualizations in 3D studio. I’m a noob to blender.

If I understand right, I can take my 3D model and turn it into an EXE file that can be given to my client, for a self guided tour of the model (building site etc.).
Am I correct on this so far?

How extensive would the setup time be for this if they wanted to see it at the massing model level (just colors, no detailed or photorealistic textures), and the ability to have a first person view walking on the ground or flying around. No wall detection, just some camera clipping if possible.

Also, maybe the ability to turn on or off a layer of information (like see whats under ground), or see the road without trees.

Does Blender support levels of detail? I’m thinking Yes, but I’m not 100% sure (at this time I wouldn’t be having different LOD’s)

I imagine there is a consideration when it comes to polycount?

Yes, I’m a noob to blender and game engines, so finding info on my own has been a bit overwhelming. Any feedback, or links to some reading materials would be much appreciated.

There is a poly limit.
And the thing about layers is very simple.
All you have to do is click on the different squares, shift-click if you want to be in more than one, or hit the " `" key to select them all.


I think he means changing them in the game. answer is: yes to everything. but there is always that looming threat of poly limits , other than that, you could make it so the camera fallows a simple path on command, changing visibilities.


once you get used to Blender, the setup could be quite fast…
To start even faster you could check/use this old template ( delete the objects, keep the camera/player?!), until you find something better: