some advice for rendering products

I have problem to render products with yafray or actually it´s more what is the best way to do it. Model a is imported from proe to blender with 67550 surfaces, whitch is quite big problem doing any mask or mapping wtih UV editor. Baitholder picture will show result what I am looking for. Do I need to model this baitholder from start , when its eassier to do uv mapping / texture painting and so on. Let me know if there is possibilites to use existing model for rendering with yafray and get wanted result Thanks :eek:


You might want to try one of the studio render example files available on the Yafaray site.

yes I have all those yafray test files , but problem is more how I can get easil those fadeings to another material , as you can see that blue faadeing to chrome. I guess question is how I do uv mapping if there is too many surfases and doing mapping there is heaps of maps, clusters. its not like 2-3 maps…