Some advice

So for my senior project I’m creating a few CG tutorials that will be published in PDF format and distributed on a website (created by myself)

I’m aiming the tutorials at fairly new artists looking to jump into Blender/Zbrush. Right now I’m trying to get my initial research straight, before I jump head first in and start making something that there may not be a demand for (which would be a waste of time)

Any ideas on what I should aim for? Any specific subjects that you guys think there is a need to discuss? Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

–Ben Shukrallah

Which group would be your ideal audience?

Because you have different kinds of beginners and each of them are looking for different kinds of tutorial.

  1. 3Dnewbies typically look for handholding tutorials that they can follow along to get familiar with the concept of 3d modelling. Things like, how to get started in blender ( including viewport navigation, viewmode changes, object transformation ,going into edit mode, extrusion going into object mode etc etc etc )

  2. Blender newbies, typically already know how 3D works, just need to get to know the controls and the way blender handles things as opposed to their familiar software. They’re usually more interested in smaller tutorials that handle little specific things in blender, like how to make a camera follow a path over a given time or how to use a specific modifier. Even seasoned blender users will look for these when their memory is a bit foggy on the matter.

  3. Sculptors will be the same as #2 but they’ll be focussed on blender or zbrush controls and/or posibilities.

Personally I think that there’s a lack of 2/3. Little small simple tutorials explaining the rules of a modifier or specific something, and showing the basic use of it with or without an applied example.
But don’t take my word for granted ofc. I’m definitly not the most informed person when it comes to video tutorials. I tend to mess around with things.

Thanks for the post, I like part 2 and 3. I know I am definitely doing one on switching between the two programs, as it’s vital to understand if they are in your workflow. I could also do some minor beginner stuff as well.

Perhaps a small project that starts in blender, gets exported and sculpted in zbrush, then imported back into blender to be rendered, perhaps in Cycles? Of course, broken up into different parts.

I would suggest Transform Orientations for some reason I find them difficult to understand at times.

Got ya, I can give a brief overview of stuff like that!