Some Animation Nodes Help please!


I’ve been trying to setup a simple scene that allows me to move an Empty around an object & the closer the Empty gets to the object the smaller the individual faces get on that object, much like what is happening in this example:

I’m using 2.8 (but have also tried this in 2.79) and just can’t get it to work. It seems the node names have changed a little in the version of Animation Nodes that I’m using but below is my best attempt at re-creating the previous example:

Before I can really be sure what I’ve done is broken I need to fix my first issue which is I don’t seem to get any visible output from the “Mesh Object Output” node, after clicking the + button it creates the “Target” mesh and I can see that in the outliner, however the mesh data that “Target” has is zero, i.e it has no faces/tris or verts.

I’ve even tried just creating 2 nodes…a “Mesh Object Input” node & a “Mesh Object Output” node, connecting them straight but with the same outcome, no visible target mesh.

What am I missing?
Any help would be super.



Hi ade90054.

I am just getting started with AN aswell and I have found the latest builds are starting to implement "Warnings descriptions " and automatic node sett up to help you fill in anything the system need to work properly. Here is a link to a youtube community page where this guy, Chris .P , builds the latest version of AN regulary.

I hope this helps you

Hey benny, that’s great. Thanks for the link I’ll take a look.