Some animations not exporting with FBX

Hi, I’m having an issue where some of my animations are not exporting with my model/armature. I designed everything in Blender and I’m trying to export as FBX to import into Unity. For my main character I designed 19 animations. But for some reason, when I export as FBX, 6 of those animations disappear. The file is too big to upload here but I would gladly send via email ([email protected]). Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

Hi all, here you can download the file:

I designed 19 animations for the ape, listed below with notes. (L = left, R = right).

Chest beat
Climbing L hand up
Climbing R hand up
Move left R hand up
Move right L hand up
Swing left L hand up
Swing right R hand up*
L eat L hand down
L eat L hand up
R eat R hand down**
R eat R hand up*
L punch L hand down
L punch L hand up
R punch R hand down**
R punch R hand up
Fall swing L*
Fall swing R*
Fall swing fall L*
Fall swing fall R*

*These 5 don’t export with the FBX for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated!