Some apples?

(MagicGlow) #1

All documentation is ready and the Shader is possible to download and absolutely free to use (CC0).
Have fun with your fruits :D!
Documentation + Shader

(CarlG) #2

Very nice tutorial, texture setup, end result and very cool to show good examples of what you can achieve with it.

Given the complexity, it may be a good idea to bake out the textures.

(MagicGlow) #3

Thank you !
Never wrong with some baking, when it’s possible :).
In my case it was a very quick render…1.15 minutes. I did not use many samples (only 128) and had no denoiser on.
I think the reason it worked, was that I used very few polygons in my scene and also that I had “velvet” background which “swallows” a lot of reflections from the light.