Some architectural stuff

Hi everybody,
some time has passed since my last post on this forum. So i thought i could assemble some of the stuff i have created inbetween and show it to you. Please don’t be to harsh :o I know that i have to work more on light and texturing. Hopefully i will find some time to increase my internal blender texturing skills and external rendering knowledge. The real time developping seems very promissing too :yes:

OK here we go:

Blender internal rendering + Gimp. My design for an architectural competition. It’s an autarch, mobile, floating house. Hope you like it.

These are visualisations i made fpr a friend ( They show room-concepts for a hotel in china. The first four are made with blender radiosity. Last one compostion made in Gimp.

A quick study for a conference room (the glasing) i made for an architectural office. i work there sometimes as a freelance architect. Blender internal.

Some images i make for different companys, selling prebuild houses. Please don’t blame me for the architectural point of the work :o Blender internal and Gimp of cause.

That’s it. Hope this doesn’t get too heavy to load because of the images.


Awesome renders!
But if you want them better, use Indigo!

Beautiful work, however…

  • Picture 1: The house boat seems disconnected from the water…
  • Picture YBDD | China Hotel | Room 3: Light appears to come from the sides, yet the young ladies shadow heading away from camera NOT the lights…
  • Last Picture: Shadows cast by the people too dark (example: adult females shadow darker than that of the umbrella)…

…hope I’ve not been to harsh, but the above things are noticeable.

I love your concepts and works. Are you a designer?

I agree with everything he said…also the water in the ‘house boat’ image doesnt reflect the trees…Nice work though. I think the people just don’t fit in the scenes, of course the client’s decide what looks good and what doesnt sigh Just curious, how do you get all these jobs?

Photoguy: thanx, yes that’s what i want to do.but i’m not decided which external renderer to use - indigo, yafray or luxrender. i don’t like the idea of uv-mapping everything. otherwise i think i would follow your advise concerning indigo.

davidh7426: no, that’s not too harsh :slight_smile: your comments are absolutly right.
my problem with the water was, that it was bump-mapped. so the intersection with the boat was not following the waves of the waves. the dark border along the waterline was ment to be wet.but it didn’t came out clearly.

Yes the shadow is wrong. this image is more a “collage” (don’t know if that’s the right term in english), so not everything needs to be exact. but still you are right and if i look at the image now, i even think more that you are right :yes:

tcrazy: i tried to let them (the trees) reflect a little (they are added in gimp like all the people) - you can see the water being a little darker there. didn’t want the reflection to be too green. what i don’t like about the tree-border is, that it’s again a straight line.
finally only the last images are “real” jobs. competition was my own design, hotel made for a friend, conference room was more a “inhouse” production, because i work for the office as freelance architect (before employed) since more than eight years ( i have done many more visualisations for them, but with radiance - i want to introduce blender in that office now). So you see - it could become more. Still i see my own person more as an architect, than as a render-guy (i love to visualise, but i love to create the design even more :D)

i like to come back on the advice of Photoguy concerning the external renderer. could anybody compare the + and - of the three external render engines i mentioned (indigo, yafray or luxrender)? especially for architectural needs? has anybody experience about rendertime etc.?


…don’t forget…:yes: