Some architecture works

Update: New renders page 2

Hi everybody, here are some images I’ve done for my architectural projects. Each time I had to manage the small amount of time I can spend on the image (though I would like sometime to spend much more on the image itself) , so it’s not perfect by far.
The first one is blender internal with AO:

The second one is Yafray, and the bike and car are not mine:

More to come, but I don’t want to make too big posts (and as a quite new user, I cannot post a link to my gallery yet it seems.)

Comments and critics are welcome (even if I will not improve the images)

Looks really good! I like the first one better but I think the render on the second is a bit clearer. I really like the roofs on these house! Can’t wait to see some more!

not a bad start at all

Thanks for the comments.
In fact, I’m quite a old new user of Blender Artists, but I blend for some years now… Even if it doesn’t show so much in my images.
I prefer the first one too. I use those images to show to my clients what their project should look like one day hopefully, therefore the aim is to have a “professionnal” image but not perfect.
Here is another one with node material for the background and some color tests:

It does show. Your work is excellent especially considering those are from YafRay/Blender Internal. The first one looks like it could have been rendered in Indigo.

Thanks Supermajic, even if you are not so kind with indigo :slight_smile: .
Here are orthographic renders of the same house for the planning permission, and a final layout. There is no postpro, except to hide the lines under the ground level. Once again, I had to stop before the image is really what I would like. The last one is resized.

Top notch, very proffessional.

awesome! i especially like the mix of color and toon -/ npr-shading. looks very interesting. and of course - ivy-generator rules! :wink:

Very nice render style. Sort of good mix of technical and artistic. I guess your clinets have to like it. l

Thanks for the comments, and yes, Ivy generator is wonderful. As the nodes I love more and more. But to be frank my clients didn’t care so much about the rendering …

though it is a finished project, I re-rendered the perspective view with few more details and a different point of view (less distorted):

@virata: i love your works! i’m very well interested with your lighting setup… can you give us ideas? both with the blender internal and yafray… i would also like to start a freelance work on architectural renderings… :smiley:

wow, i really liked the second one, how much would it cost for you to cmoe and build it for me?

holy cow! that is some detail and skill. very nice modelling i really like it. :slight_smile: harhar,
i wish i could model like that. how long did u make it?

I’d be interested to know what they found objectionable. Excellent work.

Garuhh: The setup is really simple, for the internal, I used one sun and two LDRI maps I used for world with AO (use skytexture button). To get the LDRI map, I used one HDRI I converted to LDRI with two different settings to get one map for the color and one for the lights. The only thing is that I spent some time adjusting the values to get what I wanted, and I can’t remember so much since it’s a long time ago and I just reuse my old settings.
For the yafray setting, it’s just one sun and a HDRI map. Thon bad thing with yafray is that you can’t rotate the HDRI, so you have to rotate the whole model to make the hdri map match the sun.

Tedcase: do you want a serious answer or a joke one :smiley: I’d really love to visit Japan

Blahblahken: I didn’t spent so much time as the image is not the main part of my job. It’s difficult to say because I reuse a lot parts of old models (like the roof tiles, rainwater collectors… The building itself is very simple and fast to model. The details is what takes more time.

SmokinJuan: they didn’t found anything objectionable, they just didn’t pay attention to it. I think they are not interested in graphics, 3D and related things, they just care for the building itself.

and to all of you, thank you very much for the comments.

wow thats crazy!!!

AWSOME !! excellent work =)

converted to LDRI with two different settings to get one map for the color and one for the lights

one for the lights? hmmm… haven’t heard of that… how does that work!

viralata - your arch designs/renders are great. where did you find the human model and I’ve never used an ‘ivy-generator’ ? Nice work

Garuhhh: GFab3D wrote a tutorial in french for the BlenderClan about this technique. He says he adapted a tutorial from KelSolaar, but the link is broken. Maybe with the images you will understand how it works:

Deltawing: I download the model somewhere, here is the readme for the licence:

This model is released under Creative Commons Licence, Attribution 2.0
feel free to use and improve it.
By Tiziana aka TiZeta.
[email protected]

For ivy-generator, search the web, it’s a wonderfull small app to generate ivy (as you can guess).

Thanks again for the comments. Some crits ?